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Friday 20 Apr 2007
Toronto, Canada

Kaiser Chiefs and WARMING UP Toronto style(!)

As part of my gigging season, I went to see the Kaiser Chiefs play an awesome set at the Kool Haus there on Wed 18th! They really are great live... and all their songs are very easy for the crowd to sing along to.

Yer man even jumped into the crowd and got crowd surfed about 30 people back from the stage, singing away.. Mad!

Walkmen supported and they were really good although the crowd wasn't really into them for some reason. Maybe most of them didn't know who they were (Kaiser Chiefs fans would probably only generally listen to main-stream stuff), but I put it down to the fact that the Toronto audience generally don't get too carried away at these sorts of events...

.. it's a curious thing, but I've noticed at pretty much every gig I go to that it takes a while (and a lot of persuasion from the bands!) for the audience here to let loose and start singing along with songs.. or jump up and down.
It's not that they don't like the music (they usually follow each song with a huge roar of appreciation) but I guess they're being 'polite' or something

Sure the main people in the audience who were rockin away when the Kaiser Chiefs showed up were the Irish and English contingent (of which there were plenty)... and when the band came back on after a load of us chanted "One! More! Tune!", the drummer even asked:

"Are you lot all Irish??!"

I guess the Irish audience reputation is truly international Wink

On another note.. Torontonians seem to suffer from the same "warm weather craziness" that we do back in Ireland:

At the slightest sign of warming weather, they all walk around in t-shirts and shorts ... grinning through their shivering teeth (it's actually 'warmed' up to 12C this evening - and people are walking around like it's 35C!! Get real peeps!)

Also... I might be moving into my own place from the start of May... I found a great apartment that matches all my requirements:

- Comes pre-furnished
- Doesn't require a full-year lease
- Is near a subway or TTC line

plus it has a bonus of being a 1 bedroom apartment while ALSO being quite reasonable (950 dollars.. about 650 euro per month).

That's certainly reasonable by Irish standards anyway, where I would be paying roughly TWICE that for the same in Ireland.

It's also beside the beach, so I can start taking up my kite-surfing sessions on a daily basis when I get back into it again. w00t!

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