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Saturday 10 Feb 2007
Toronto, Canada

Snowboarding Parte le Deux

Went snowboarding again to Mt St Louis yesterday (Friday). Took the day off work, so I'm gonna work Saturday to make up for it!

Had a FAR more enjoyable experience this time, thanks mainly to preparation on my part:

- Wearing the new knee pads and wrist guards I bought this week is a must -- saved my knees far more times than I remember!
- Got the helmet from the start... no more temporary blackouts as I slam the back of head into the snow
- Didn't bring the camera with me this time!

Yeah, so because of these preparations, I felt a lot more confident about what would happen if I fell over (if I did) .. which in turn made me fall LESS .. weird psychology there.

I also discovered that I'm actually more comfortable with my LEFT foot forward instead of my right foot, which is weird since I'm right-sided for pretty much everything else in life! This actually makes sense though, since when I kite-board back home I tend to get more speed going to the left (also the pics of me surfin in Byron Bay tend to show me with left foot forward).

I was ZOOMING down the hill at some points.. I managed to get myself slip-sliding facing FORWARD too (last time all I could manage was slipping downhill with me ass facing the direction I was going... not pretty).

An instructor also gave me some really helpful tips for free. Said I should almost literally 'point' my arm out in the direction I want to go "and the legs will follow". Also gave me tips like:

- when you're going down hill with left-foot forward and want to switch to right foot .. lean back on right-foot, on the heels... this will cause the board to start slip-sliding horizontally and then use your arms as above to move the board with right-foot forward.

- when you want to stick in one direction then.. put the weight on the FORWARD foot.

He then proceeded to follow me down the hill noting what I was doing wrong. I got a major boost in skills after that and I didn't fall for the rest of the day.. had a lot more control. Great chappie!

Well I'm really getting the hang of this snowboarding lark. Still working on the lingo duuuuude, but like snowboarding, that'll be something I pick up without even realising.

Cowabunga n shizzle.

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