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Thursday 13 Sep 2007
Toronto, Canada


Apartment is working out well! I even managed to upgrade the little desk that's provided with "extensions" so that I could fit my two laptops and monitor on top (the monitor survived the trip in the plane's cargo hold btw... wrapped as it was in my sleeping bag!).

People I'm living with here are mostly new immigrants, from India, Pakistan, Japan, even eastern Europe. It's interesting to hear their stories... although a lot of them seem to sleep all day while they wait for their visa applications to go through (can sometimes take months!), so I have to work amidst a lot of snoring noises through the thin walls Mad

Only major complaint I have about this place is it's distance from downtown .. it usually takes me about an hour to get into town on the bus/subway.. and that's NOT at rush hour.
When I was in Eglinton I already WAS downtown!

Virgin Festival (VFest) was on last weekend too! It truly rocked! I went with my friend Laura, and on the second day we were joined by her co-worker Brian (who introduced me to BBQ baby octopus!!). Fantastic selection of bands including: Interpol, Blonde Redhead, Killers, Editors, Smashing Pumpkins... list goes on and on.. plus lots of local (i.e. Canadian) bands too which reinforces the fact that Canada seems to be the current major contributor to the indie scene!

The amount of ganja being freely used was unbelievable though... never seen the like (although it wasn't legally allowed). Laura and myself even snuck in some bottles of alcohol.. the security check was incredibly easy to pass by!
We had to bring our own liquor in since the queues everywhere were immense! Woefully inadequate number of beer tents/staff for the hundreds of thousands of people attending meant that you could be queuing for 40 minutes to get one beer (in which time you may have missed the act you wanted to see!)

Rather unlike the festivals back home, though, there seemed to be a LOT of corporate tents all over the place. Pontiac, BMW, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, etc etc. All trying to entice you into their tents (to buy cars obviously!) with free competitions/tshirts etc.

I won a free CD of Metric in the Pontiac tent! Laugh ... That's the second thing I've won in Toronto this year (the first was the tshirt at the Blue Jays game).. which is really unusual for me since I usually never win anything! Maybe it's a sign I should stay in this city forever Wink

Started physio there last week.. arm seems to be moving a bit better which is great news...

Anyways, that's all folks (for the mo')

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