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Sunday 6 Apr 2014
Mendoza, Argentina

Quiet day

We had a more relaxed day today- we needed it to recover from yesterday's rushing around. So we didn't do that much- walked around Mendoza, through the town and up to the park. We weren't that taken by the city of Mendoza itself really. Ate a steak whilst catching up on internet things, played cards. We ended our day by getting on another night bus- this time to Salta (18 hour journey). As it's a long bus they gave us a packed lunch and we watched a film.
On the journey north we noticed the scenery changing dramatically- going from barren flat land to mountainous lush landscapes. We also noticed lots of fields of crops being grown- corn we think.
Other words from the wine region;
- Jugoso (rare (for steak))
- Vino tinto (red wine)
Another funny thing is when things are called really rude english names- we saw a bar in Mendoza called 'Lets Fuck!'

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