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Tuesday 17 Apr
Airlie Beach, Australia

Dumb & Dumber

Andrew had his biggest blonde moment of the trip - we were driving through acres and acres of sugarcane fields and my husband, who normally has an encyclopedic knowledge of our universe, turned to me and said: 'What do they use sugarcane for, apart from the juice?' (sugarcane juice is all the rage in Asia).

When I had calmed down from a fit of hysterics, mostly brought on by the fact that he was not actually joking. I answered: 'Umm.... sugar!'

It still makes me giggle just thinking about it... Laugh

Check out our Updated Cairns Pics here.

Also, our road & Airlie Beach Pics uploaded here.

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

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    Airlie Beach


    This one kinda made us laugh, kinda made us nervous.....I like the way it doesn't matter what the size of the airport is, it always has a Terminal 1!
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    Shanna looking more like a DJ than a De Havilland sea plane passenger
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    Airlie Beach


    Further proof for CK that we love cloud shots - check out the rad shadow of this on on the water
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    Airlie Beach


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