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Monday 30 Apr 2007
Byron Bay, Australia

Blissful Byron

We had to do an emergency stop off at a Diesel outlet on the way to Byron as Andrew had an urgent craving for some jeans. Now that we are back in the Western world we realise just how shoddy we look. I suspect we have been looking this way for some time now. Blue

Anyways, newly suited and booted (I of course had to join in the shopping frenzy so Andrew didn't feel guilty...) we enjoyed a few days soaking up the soothing mix of hippie/baby boomer vibes in Byron. We did our best to blend in by consuming numerous liver cleansing juices, gourmet sandwiches, hanging out on the beach, listening to live music, drinking copious amounts and even taking in a yoga class.

Now I have done yoga for about 8 years now and when I found myself dry humping the air, I was glad that I was not a 'Somatic yoga' regular. The teacher was very 'at one with the universe', I'm just not sure it was the same universe that Andrew and I occupy.

We have recently tried to save some money by sleeping on the street. Not quite as sordid as it sounds and I do have to laugh at ourselves when we go out and buy a bottle of wine that costs more than a night's accomodation on the same day. 'It's how we can afford it', I keep telling myself. I'm not that sure though, because the thing is we can afford it - so I think it must just be us trying to recapture our fading youth and spontaneity. I'm just waiting for the 3am knock on the window & having to face the cops in my nightie. Now that would be a funny story.Laugh

Anyhow we have a standard method before nesting down for the night. First we make our last stop of the night the public loo, then we cruise the 'burbs' looking for a likely spot, nip outside to wash faces etc with a bottle of water, get changed in a space smaller than my underwear drawer at home and then hop into Kenny's 'thorax'. Amazingly we nod off usually within 10 minutes.

I think our bed at home will just be too much for us when we get back to the UK. We may need to sleep on the floor for a few days to adapt to our new luxurious conditions before shocking our systems with the plush indulgence of goose down.

Talking about wonderful things - we LOVED Byron. Could absolutely hang out there for one of our lifetimes - check out the visual evidence Here...

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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