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Sunday 13 May
Melbourne, Australia

Meeting the Melbournites

Flew over to Melbourne using the cheap as chips Virgin Blue - does the business for $ Aus 80 including tax. Thank you Mr Branston. Nath picked us up and we took a wrong turn off on the way home. Instead of the promised 'city by night' tour, we managed to get on the'industrial area by night' tour. Was very funny but decided to head straight home as we were bushed after seeing all those factories.

Selena and Nathan's house is expansive. Most of our flat could fit into the spare bedroom/bathroom. Heaven. This was the first time we got to meet little Sasha (4mths) as Sel was just pregnant when we left London. Very, very cute. They make really great parents & have a lovely home. Thank God for that awesome job in the city Nath - no pressure!

The next morning we went into the city taking in the free city tram tour, Federation Square, having lunch with Nath in Hardware Lane, checking out most of the funky CBD areas & later meeting up with Karly & Simon at a bar. Awesome seeing them again & even more exciting is that we planned out a club night for Saturday. Yey, time to put on the dancing shoes again.

The next day we met up with Kathy Jean and Scott (friends from uni.) who have 2 lovely kids, Anna & Jack. They have just recently moved over from the UK & are settling in to a new adventure here. It was Jack's first birthday, not sure if he knew but Anna was VERY excited about it. Of course they are gorgeous too and we look forward to staying with them for a few days next week.

Jeez it seems we have done so much in the short time we have been here so I'll try and speed up what happens next... Discovered more funky Melbourne areas (there are quite a few!) like Fitzroy, Brunswick St, Lygon Street (yummy Italian area where we had dinner the night before) & we also took in the Victoria Market where I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. Turkish bread, fine Morrocan olives, Pumpkin pesto... you can just imagine... Andrew had to drag me away. After some more sight seeing we met Sel, Nath and Sasha for a fantastic lunch & then made it home later that day to prepare for the clubbing night.


All I can say about that was it was great to spend some time with Karly, Simon and Shane and much fun was had by all. Only got to bed at 1.30pm the next day but that was more because Sel and Nath have LOST series 3 on DVD. What a bonus!!! Cool

Today we are off to the Great Ocean Road, we have hired a car and will be gone for 2 days. Will be fun to check it out, but going to miss the comforts of Melbourne and friends, it will be a taster for when we really have to leave them all. Boo hoo.Blue

To check out pics of fab Melbourne and all the key protagonists, please click here.

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Us loving the island life

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