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Friday 28 May 2010
Perth, Australia

East Versus West

Hi all, another post here from your Australia correspondent.

We came to Perth with high hopes of a great city and it has been nothing like we expected. Perth is quite a small city, we have stayed in the city centre and we have walked most of its sedate and mostly refined streets. It is a laid back city, non of the normal big city hustle we had expected, the roads for example are quiet, where is all that road rage? There is a high rise central business district (CBD as it gets over here) and most buildings are modern, with the odd old building like the convict built magnificent brick town hall, 140 years old. The world class elevated Kings Park has great views over the Swan River that dominates the city. The river narrows at three points as it flows through the city and bridges span it at these points. The river widens thereafter and is approximately two miles wide at one point, so there is lots of quietly flowing blue water on view. I think the relaxed nature of people here is partly due to the isolation of Perth from everywhere. There are towns around, we went to Fremantle and were unimpressed, in admittedly grotty weather, by this industrial and rather scruffy town. But there are no significant cities for thousands of miles and therefore Perth has an isolated feel. With this isolation comes resentment of the east, for example on the news last night a state minister was moaning that the burden of dealing with asylum seekers (a hot topic here, the opposition leader in an obvious grab for votes despicably claiming that he would return desperate boat people home) fell on western Australia. Sporting rivalries are fierce when the west takes on the east, it is not just the Poms that are the enemy. 

The umbilical cord of the UK has started to tighten as our time here comes to an end. We are reminded of home all the time. It has surprised me here that Australians are genuinely fond of English people, I had thought that sporting rivalries would continue after we (traditionally) lose, but no. They show and presumably enjoy our awful tv shows, I only need mention the Vicar of Dibly. An unwanted reminder of home arrived the other day in the rather tubby form of Robbie Fowler. He is eeking out the end of his career with Perth Storm, (heard of them?) a previously great goalscorer whose career has gone down hill relentlessly, confirmed when a certain Kevin Keegan wasted millions of City's money on Robbie and that other failing lightweight scouser Steve McManaman. Phew I feel better after that. 

Time has played a trick on us. If we were at the start of a two week holiday we would have ages to see and do things. With two weeks left of our travels we feel as if we have little time left. We have booked into a (fingers crossed) lovely looking place in a small town or suburb of Perth called Scarborough, you can guess where the inspiration for that name came from. However the good news for us is that this Scarborough is nowhere near Yorkshire, it is a lovely beach town on the Indian Ocean. We will try and fight the clawing gravity of time and have fun. We will let you know how we get on, Love Liz and Andy.

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Angie Powell Says:

29 May 2010

Great descriptions again folks. I'll have to go back to see some of the places you've been. P Douglas looks amazing. Speak when you get back. Stay safe and enjoy your last few days there. Love Angie x

trish Says:

1 June 2010

hi guys - well i feel quite sad reading my weekly catch up - nothign to do with having BH Mon off - cant believe your adventure is nearly over - its been so much fun - what will i do now - love the photos - enjoy what time you have left - see you soon xxx

Jen Says:

3 June 2010

great photos dad, hope your enjoying your last week, really looking forward to seeing you next friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

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Fantastic Trinity Beach

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