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Tuesday 8 May
Sydney, Australia

Sydney sucks... only kidding. He he....

At last we have arrived in Sydney - we had heard so much about this place from so many sources and it has not disappointed that is for sure. We decided not to go ahead with an expensive side trip to that 'big rock' in the middle of the country and so have had plenty of time to soak up Sydney's funky shops, fabulous restaurants and of course that Opera House thingy and yeah.. there was something about a bridge...

So... we have enjoyed a glass or two of wine whilst staring at the famous and stunning Opera House from every perceivable angle, we have heaved and puffed our way up the bridge where we were rewarded with awesome views, we have wandered through funky Oxford Street, gazed up at the concrete jungle that makes up the CBD, had dinner in Darling Harbour, strolled through the Botanical Gardens, done the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, perused the fabulous Rock area at night and during market day as well as managed to meet up with several old buddies.

Phew. As you can see we have been pretty busy.

We had a great lunch catching up with some old team mates, Linda and Darron. Linda gave up her afternoon to take us on a tour of the city. We were pretty much at the mercy of her 6 mth old baby Isaac but he turned out to be the perfect co-host, delighting us with his cute giggles and drifting in and out of consciousness in between bottles. Ahh the life of a baby... Come to think of it that is the life of an alcoholic too... hmmm.... ;-) We managed to take in several areas and were left with a much clearer idea of how Sydney was organised. Her enthusiasm for her city was catching and we have simply LOVED our time here.

We are currently staying with Scott and his lovely wife Kirsty in their gorgeous home complete with 2 hysterical dogs and a disdainful cat. Perfect. Their generosity has been second to none and we spent a lovely lazy morning taking advantage of the cable TV and catching up with E Entertainment goss. OMG re the Hoffster.

Tomorrow we are flying to Melbourne to spend some time with all our friends there. So looking forward to it because if Sydney is like Johburg and Melbourne is like Cape Town then we just can't wait to check it out! We think Sydney rocks and we don't quite feel the same way about Joees....

Thanks to all of you who have made our time here so special. Cheesy

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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