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Wednesday 19 Nov 2014
Dangriga, Belize

Incredibly moving Garifuna culture day

We got up at 4:30am and headed back out into the town with some of our neighbours- a Russian and an Aussie women with their local boyfriends. We walked over to the coast and danced to another band- the men in the band were shaking their hips like we have never seen before!! The trendy way to dance on the dancefloor is women grinding into their boyfriends- it was all a bit charged! We went to watch the people getting ready to do the re-enactment. They stood in a circle first, they had a Garifuna flag and some were dressed with leaves. A woman brought a basket of bread and shared it with us too- never asking where we were from or anything- a man came and gave me a hug and said “Garifuna culture is very special isn’t it”. We were so moved and teary- this ceremony commemorates running away from the British slavery and yet we were welcomed into the festivities, sharing bread and feeling un-judged. We also imagined a bigger boat procession- it was just 2 little boats (one had apparently already sunk that morning because the sea was rough). It was a very simple and moving parade. The sun had come up and we joined back in with the partying- drums, singers, lots of hip wiggling dancing- such an amazing atmosphere. We were both a bit worried after seeing the drunk people earlier in the day but the feeling was very positive. We felt very lucky to be here. Someone gave R a Garifuna flag.

We went to some more bar parties on the street, stopping to try a ‘Johnny cake’- a type of scone thing with chicken. Then we followed the parade to the park where the official speeches and thing were. It was raining which was a shame. The local counsellors speech was interesting- he talked about the Garifuna people moving away from traditional occupations such as agriculture where they worked for themselves to work of dependency where people are working for others in the professions. It was again moving for people to talk about their ancestors coming to the shores- risking everything.

We finally went to bed around lunchtime and slept until the evening where we went to eat a Chinese and go back to bed with an ibruprofen! Suffering, but definetly worth it. Panti Ripa is lethal though that’s for sure.

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