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Tuesday 3 Jun 2014
Lencois, Brazil


First day in Lencois. What a contrast, from the hustle, bussle and uneasiness of Salvador to the quiet, peaceful picturesque villiage of Lencois. In the early 1700s gold was found in the hills here starting a gold rush. This was followed by diamond mining,  now its the base for trekking around the Chapada Diamantina national park. We woke up to glorious sunshine and after sorting our laundry we set out to trek to a nearby waterfall.  The water level is quite low so we can see the rock formations that the river runs through. There are many pools caused by the water eroding the strange rocks. It appears that there must have been some type of volcanic action with the lava acting as a type of mortar holding millions of stones together, as the lava has been eroded it has left very jagged and strange looking formations.Out night we go to the town center, which is very similar to Salvador,  cobbled narrow streets, colourful buildings with many bars and restaurants. Beers, caipirinha and delicious tapioca follows to signal the end of a great day.

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