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Wednesday 4 Jun
Lencois, Brazil

day 59

Amazing day travelling around chapada diamantina with a lovely Dutch couple, Rooney and Gerrard and our tour guide Leivi. We started off with a 20 min drive and 25 min hike to a water pool underneath a cascading waterfall. The water had a brownish shade to it due to the mineral extracts but the water was refreshing and a nice massage was given by the waterfall. From there we had a 10 min drive to the dry cave. 4 chambers of staligmites and staligtites, strangly the cave was warmer than outsite and very humid. In one small chamber we turned off our torches and sat there in the total darkness and errie silence. From there we head to the wet cave, crystal clear water with small fish, the highlight being that we could then snokel 100m into the dark cave with snorkels, in places the roof of the cave was less than half a metre above us and a few bats were disturbed and started flying around us. After swimming and drying off in the lagoon connected to the cave we had lunch and then walk to the blue cave. So named because as the sunlight steeamed though gaps in the rocks and shone down onto the clear water it gave a brilliant turquoise blue colour to the water against the dark background of the cave, stunning. We then drove for about half an our before trekking to the top of a 1950m high mountains for amazing views and to see the sunset. After arriving back and showering we met up with the dutch couple and had a great laugh , with banter passing backwards and forwards until the beer and caipirinha took its toll and it was time to sleep

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