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Tuesday 1 Jul 2014
amazon rainforest, Brazil

day 86

I begin the tour by car to the local port. From there we take a smaal boat to see the meeting of the rivers. The rio negro and rio solemoes take 25 km to fully blend to form the Amazon due to different temperatures, density ( rio negro has high oxide content) ph and speed. Due to the different colours of the rivers you can see the split between them. After that we go along the rio solemoes for 15 min to a port the other side. Its then a hour mini van journey followed by an hour and a half speed boat to our lodge about 150 km from Manaus.its the rainy season at the moment ao most of the forest is flooded which gives quite a surreal feel to it as the speed boat is flashing by the tops of trees which appear to be in the middle of the river. After lunch we go on our first canoe tour, spotting various types of monkey, a sloth, numberous birds inc tucans and parrots, sleeping iguanas that almost fall into the boat and finish off with a spot of piranha fishing. After dinner and an amazing sunset its off out again to catch a cayman and our guides hands it to us and gives us plenty of information about them, the best being that 70% are femail as the temp when hatched determines the sex, above 30c femail, below male.

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