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Wednesday 21 Feb
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cheapie cheap Cambodia

The first thing that I must mention about Cambodia is that it is dirt cheap. If you ever want to escape your cubicle and live off a month's income for a year then this is where you want to be dropped off. Copied off a menu last night in a tourist spot (so you can imagine local prices!) -

Flying Elephant Bucket - 750ml whiskey/vodka, 2 cokes & 2 red bulls $6
Double vodka & Red Bull $0.75
Malboro $1.25
Thai Green Veg curry & rice $2.00
Happy Milkshake $2

I mean can you imagine the first one - firstly drinking it would be an issue, but for 3 quid you could forget your own name and for another 1 quid you could forget everything else! We confirmed the ''happy'' as ''ganga happy'' - also available with check-in at any hostel and on any pizzas... this is definitely one chilled out place and it is not hard to see why.

We gave in to the immense charms of our self appointed tuk-tuk driver Barak and took him up on his offer of a ride, a room in his recommended hostel and a trip to the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng museum. What suckers, but we loved him - friendly, helpful and not a rip off - everything one dreams about in a tuk-tuk man. We are staying at the Lakeside which is backpacker heaven, chilled hammocks looking over the water for sundowners and a multitude of bars and restaurants with wonderful names like "Oh my Buddha''.

Again - we are as happy as pigs in poo.

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    Phnom Penh


    Barak - our tuk-tuk driver in the Phnom Penh traffic
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    Phnom Penh


    The view from the decking of the restaurant of our guesthouse over the Boang Kak lake
  • The view from...

    Phnom Penh


    The view from the decking of the restaurant of our guesthouse over the Boang Kak lake - No 2 - I couldn't resist putting in both as they're each individually great
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    Phnom Penh


    A selection of the 8000 skulls in the charnel house at the Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre