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Thursday 23 Oct
siem reap, Cambodia

Cambodia the beggining

Soo we flew to Siem Riep from Singapore - we landed early and called a guesthouse to make a reservation.. They came to the airport pretty quickly and collected us on a tuk tuk - hehe funny with our MASSIVE bags.. First impressions was good - looked like a lovely calm place with a good vibe to it - so we were pleasedand looking forward to our adventure in Cambodia... Once we checked into our place we set about taking a walk around the city. It was soo hetic and a bit of a culture shock to say the least... Weather wasnt great which ment it was a little more dirty than usual - i guess - we sat in a local place and had some Khemer food as the heavens opened...
That was when we were first approached by the local beggers and sellers, most without limbs...

So we planned to take a tour to Ankor Wat the next morning..! We set off at around 5.15am and after about half an hour we reached it... It wasn't the clearest sunruse but it was a beautiful start to a lovely day... Ankor Wat is so impressive with the shear size and intricate detail it was really beautiful in a rugged way..
We strolled around taking in the atmostphere - but did wish we had a guided tour with someone to explain in detail the history and significance of each structure... What a shame the Khmer Rouge tried their very best to destroy such wonders...!!!

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south africa ...the beginning

Travel blog by katieandmischa2008

Hello everyone I hope you are all well..! Having a GREAT time miss ya - but cant say I'd like to be there hahah Enjoy xx

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