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Tuesday 12 Sep
Lijiang, China

Acclimatisation begins...

We are now in another very relaxed and beautiful old town of Lijiang. We are hoping to go on the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek the day after tomorrow and then straight on to Zhongdian where we have (hopefully) our Tibetan permits and Lhasa flights waiting for us. We managed to forgo the often 5 day wait by sorting them through someone's brother's cousin's uncle's son...

We are now at 2400 m so it is much colder from whence we came. Wouldn't have thought I would say this but it is a blessed relief and the rash is healing nicely Laugh

We rode on a bus today which had a LCD display stating - please don't bring explosive stuff on board.

Good advice any day of the week. Cool

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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    Andrew in lovely Lijiang
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    Shanna at the entrance to Black Dragon Pool Park
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    Absolutely classic view of Black Dragon Pool Park - quintessential China
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    Shanna's arty shot of dragon in well of water