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Thursday 25 Sep
Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Cloud Forest, Pacific coast, Hot Tub, Pina Colada…

We headed out to Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve for the morning and walked on a trail around the reserve. Costa Rica apparently has 12 different eco-systems and it is remarkable how different each area is. The cloud forest was a botanists heaven- the plant life was very rich- with mosses and bromeliads living on all of the tree’s- layers of layers of life everywhere. We saw hummingbirds and an agouti on our way around. We went back to the village for some ceviche for lunch. It seems customary here to have ceviche with tortilla chips on the side. As we were in the restaurant the clouds came into the town – you could watch them come down the high-street until the view was all foggy. We got back in the car and had to try 3 different roads before we found a suitable one to use. 2 were closed and we tried an alternative that the satnav gave us but before long we realised the car would not make it up the stony muddy road- we heard a CLUNK as we went over something and then turned around to find another way. We asked some locals and they showed us a way around and before long we were back on tarmac again. It is amazing though that such touristy areas have such basic rough roads- everything else in Costa Rica seems very modern. Then we made it to the Pacific ocean!! So in the last week we have gone from the Caribbean sea right across. The road we were driving on literally ended at the beach- and there was our hotel. R and I have looked briefly at the websites and things J&A have sent us as they have been planning- but we didn’t really register it. We arrived in our hotel and saw a stunning hot tub outside our room, heart shaped beautiful pool, and we got let into a huge private apartment we were stunned! It is gorgeous. We walked just outside to the beach and put our feet in the warm sea. Then got into our cozzies and got straight into the hot tub with a coffee- absolute bliss. We got dressed up and went upstairs to the restaurant- lit with fairy lights and with a big mama waitress who was really warm- kept touching my shoulder. Anne and I had a pina-colada- (A’s first!!!) and toasted the wonderfulness- before some more lovely food. Feeling very lucky.

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Lindsay Says:

28 September

Well now you're just rubbing it in!!! Sounds gorgeous x

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