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Sunday 27 Jul 2014
Quito, Ecuador

day 112

I arrived in Quito last night. The airport is a 45min taxi ride away, approx $30, however, I found a cheaper way. Get the chicken run bus, green bus to the right when you leave the airport, $2. This takes you to the outskirts of Quito then a taxi to the hostel $3. Didn't quite go as planned, I hadn't booked a room bur had the address of a hostel in the old town. The old town is small narrow one way streets with every block having the first number for the block and next 2 for address.  Mine was 3 42 . The taxi driver wasn't sure where the hostel was but ended up in block 5, due to the traffic and one way system he dropped me there. Walking back sure enough the next block was 4 but the one after that was 2 and then 1!  Someone had stolen block 3! I search around a bit and then went looking for another hostel. Found the residencial Marsella, half way between the old town and the new town, private room for another$10 / night it has a nice roof terrace where you can look out onto the foothills of the Andes. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is craddled in a high Andean vally 2850m above sea level. It has 2 main parts, the old colonial center ( a Unesco world cultural heritage site) and the new town which has modern horels, bars, cafes, restaurant ect. I spend the day getting to know the area I'm in and people watching in parque el ejido. The people and climate are both warm and charming. There is a craft fair going on and I spend so time buying gives and looking at some amazing art. Decided to buy a couple of pieces to replace the ones stolen by my last lodger. Both had starting prices of Ecuador$150 but managed to get both for another$130. Only problem now is getting them back, i'm bound to leave them on a bus somewhere!

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