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Saturday 8 Nov
Juayua, El Salvador

Lots of nibbles at the food fair

Ataco is such a unique place in that the locals are the ones saying “Buenas Dias” (Good morning) to us first- it is such a small thing but feels really lovely and welcoming. We went to the same old lady on the plazas for pupusas for breakfast (we think she does the best in the country!). Many women in the village are wearing traditional Maya clothes- big skirts with big bits of fabric around the waist. We then walked to catch a bus down the road. The view from the road was incredible- mountains covered in coffee plantations down the valley. We arrived in another small town called Juayua which has a famous weekend food fair. We found a place to stay… it is never a great sign when they rent it by the hour as well as for the whole night but its ok. The en-suite is right at the end of the bed and only has a silky brown curtain as the door which is quite funny (and a bit awful!). The atmosphere in town was lovely- all the food stalls were side by side around the plaza where there was a series of horrendous singers with huge speakers. We thought it was karaoke until we saw adverts with the singers on like local celebrities. We found some food- we were hoping to find some odd things to try (we had heard rumours of snake and iguana) although the only odd things we found were frog and rabbit. So we decided to go for the ordinary barbeque which was very lovely. While we were sitting on the plaza the guy doing security came and had a chat with R about football. Sitting there watching the world go by was interesting. At one point there was a drunk man dancing and a table of people filmed in on their phone and then gave him a beer as payment. There were also a few very old women rooting through bins for recycling. We had a real moment when we were feeding a little pregnant dog and one of the old women sat down by us initially wagging her finger to say ‘don’t feed them’. Then she saw that the dog was pregnant and started feeding her her own crisps! It was a really tender moment.

We walked around the many market stalls- R was chuffed as he bought ‘RayBan’ sunglasses for £3… then I pointed out they actually said ‘’RoysBoys’ on the side! He was a bit gutted! We went into the church which was beautiful, ate some glace cherries out of the bag which made my fingers go red, tried a ‘crazy corn’ which is a corn on the cob covered in mustard and cheese. It was a nice atmosphere in town.

At dinner time most places had packed up so we went to a little shop around the corner. I asked whether she had pupusas and she said yes, ,’chicken and mixed’. So I said I would like ‘1 chicken, 1 mixed’. I sat down and R said that they don’t usually do chicken pupusas…. We couldn’t believe it when no pupusas came out!! Just a piece of chicken with scrambled egg!!! (‘mixed’ (revueltos) means mixed but can refer to eggs too). It was so funny- we ended up with an odd meal nothing like what I though I had ordered!! She must have said they do ‘pupusas, chicken, or eggs’.


Richard is running the 2015 London Marathon!!!! Last year Richard Levell and I went to watch the London Marathon and were amazed at the moving collective spirit there- R said "I would love to do that".... J- "but you don't run don't even own trainers" R:...."but I reckon if your determined enough you can do it with the power of the mind"....

So my lovely hubby (who still doesn't own any trainers at present) is running the London Marathon 2015 for Asthma UK!! Please sponsor him here:

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Mum Says:

9 November

I'll get your trainers for Christmas!! xxxxxx

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