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Monday 25 Jul
Paris, France

En Paris

I have arrived in Paris. I especially enjoyed my First class flight over here, a much, much better way to travel than my usual long-haul "Squished" class.  A seat that lays flat into a bed?, champagne and orange juice before take off?, real glasses and cutlery? - how did I ever manage before.  Don't you worry, I am not too spoiled yet.  I will be flying "Squished" class on Thursday morning again.

A first for me was trying "couchsurfing".  It is just as it sounds.  You sign up on a website, send out requests for a couch to sleep on and wait for a reply.  My host is Remy, 31 year old Parisian living 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower.

I arrived in the morning and could not meet him until the afternoon. So, I threw my luggage into a locker at a train station and set off very jetlagged to find a coffee (I don't drink coffee, but I was in desperate need of one if I was going to make it through this day.  I headed into Montmartre for some wandering, found a nice strong coffee and made my way through the streets.  Montmartre is famous for the Sacre Coeur, sitting on top the hill with tremendous views of Paris. The streets are full of artists, musicians and quaint streets of cobblestones. Since I had not done enough walking already, I decided to make my way over to the Arc de Triomphe with a wander along the Champs Elysees. The Champs Elysees is full of life and shopping. Street entertainers found space to perform - the best one being two breakdancers.  Little did they know, a side show was happening behind them.  Two young boys of about 7 or 8 were imitating their moves and seemed to be able to master them quite quickly. They should have asked them to join their perforamnce and they would have easily made twice the amount of tips. I must have been insane to take on such a long walk on jetlag, but if I stopped walking I would have fallen asleep on a park bench or anywhere for that matter.

It was time to go and meet Remy at his apartment. He welcomed me in and we hit it off right away. We went shopping and then came back so he could make me a quiche for dinner. Delicious. And of course after dinner, we had some amazing cheese. I think I need to move to Paris just to be able to eat all the delicious cheese. Yummmmy!  We talked for a while and I managed to stay up until midnight before we hit the sack. I was out cold, didn't hear anything, I slept right through until about 9am.  That should help wit my jetlag.

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25 Jul | Paris, France

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