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Thursday 30 Oct
Utila, Honduras

Down in the big blue sea

We got straight out on the dive boat for a morning trip to the North side of the island. Our first dive was a 30m dive down to a wall at the edge of the coral reef (Dive site- Paradise). It was really pretty. Similar to Nicaragua the dive masters carry a spear here to spear lion fish (which are native to Asia and destroy the reef environment by eating all the fish). To be honest watching your dive instructor go around spearing fish is a little odd- even if the reasons are right. I think our dive master was keen to spear a big one- he ended up getting 3 on our dive so he was a bit focused on that- one was massive. Late into the dive a 5ft nurse shark came and circled- our DM tried to give him the small lion fish on his spear but the shark was not fooled, he dropped the small one and then went for the big one! It was awesome to see it rip the fish from the spear and shake it in his mouth…. I must admit I swam to the back of the group when that happened! The shark came and swam a few inches away from both R and I- I guess as they are used to getting fed lion fish they come round for a look. Our second dive was at 18m and was a drift dive. It was in an area with really beautiful coral and little fish. We saw 2 big stingrays, a pretty big (5inches) sea horse sitting on some coral, a barracuda, a drum fish. The visibility was a bit poor because of the recent rain but it was still lovely. There are whale-sharks in this are all year round so I am keeping everything crossed that we will see one- although it is just pot luck if the boat captain spots one we can go over to it…. nothing today so hoping for tomorrow!

We got back to the house for a hot (wow!) shower and headed out for some lunch then came home for a siesta. It was rainy and cloudy for the most part of the day- on the dive boat we were actually shivering!! (I really didn’t think you would shiver on the Caribbean!). We have had an alert about a huge tropical storm on the Caribbean coast of Honduras (Its being called storm ‘Hanna’) but it hasn’t affected us here luckily.  We chilled out for the rest of the day and in the evening we went for a pizza (although R ended up having a bit of a row as they kept us waiting for over an hour), then a drink in a bar designed and made in a very unique way (Treetanic). The bar was built up around a tree and the surfaces were mosaicked and there were things hanging everywhere.

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