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Tuesday 21 Nov 2006
Delhi, India

The parents are coming! The parents are coming!

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I haven't really met anyone who has said that they fell in love with Delhi and it is not hard to see why. As we'd been to Delhi numerous times before, we decided to stay a bit out of town to escape the madness and set up camp at the Tibetan Refugee Colony (you must understand here that I don't literally mean 'set up camp' - we are not quite there yet in terms of 'going native'!). We actually stayed in a rather nice hotel cause the parents were coming. Andrew and I thought we had a bit of luxury in that we had hot showers, but when the folks arrived they were in for a major downgrade from their previous week in real 'grown up' hotels. If they had only seen some of the dives we have called home...

I must say that the folks were very chilled out about their surroundings and the only minor freak out was when we lost each other after having taken separate auto-rickshaws into Connaught Place on the first day. I went looking for them only to be stopped by numerous drivers and passers telling me that my 'sister' was looking for me. I'm not sure what pleased my mother more: when she found me or when I told her that they thought she was my sister!

We did lots of eating, my father even finding the curd (yoghurt) burny - softy! But we all soldiered on and tried South Indian specialities at places like the Banana Leaf stuffing down coconut masala dosas (pancake-like bread) and tikka panneer all washed down with the obligatory Kingfisher. Unbelievably my mother partook of it too, even if it was to reduce my dad's portion in an effort to minimise the inevitable beer induced snoring decibles. Laugh

We went to some of the most crowded and crazy markets and areas including Chandi Chowk and Paharganj where my mom and I did the shopping and the boys did the moaning (typical!). We took plenty of photos of the tiny silver shops, the vivid intoxicating spice markets and the colourful heaps of clothes. I think it left my folks with a very vivid picture of India.

My dad's comment sums it up 'I think I would simply die if I had to live here'. He! he! But even though they are not thinking of settling here they loved it and I think if you can feel that way about India you are ready to travel the world!

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