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Sunday 7 Jun
Enrekang, Indonesia

Karangan – Enrekang

We left Simen’s house and got back onto the exhausting mountain road. It was slow going up and down the mud and rocks again. Eventually, we got onto the concrete road and then we were at the bottom in a flash. In Baraka we were reunited with Dadang, who wanted to see photos of our expedition as if he didn’t believe us. We may have been the first people to get to the mountain by bike. Dadang’s wife provided really excellent lunch before we went back to the police station, but they didn’t seem very interested in us.

From Baraka we climbed back up to the main road. On the way out we stopped to look at some limestone cliffs that were hundreds of metres high and sticking out of the ground. Some of them had caves and old tombs in them. On the main road we went as far as Enrekang, the capital of the region. We could possibly have kept going, but there was no particular point in going to the next town. We were out of time and would have to get a bus to Makassar the following day, to have enough time to find bike boxes and get everything packed up for our flight.

We were happy when we found a hotel in Enrekang, even though the people there were not very friendly. Later we realised there were lots of hotels in town and they were probably a bit confused about why we really wanted to stay there. Felix decided to ask someone in a shop about beer. We shouldn’t have asked. We asked everyone about the existence of a bus to Makassar in the morning and didn’t get any encouraging answers.

about 58 km

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