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Friday 23 Mar
Surabaya, Indonesia

And you thought this travelling thing was a holiday...

We left BL with precious memories and more than a few mosquito bites (we've run out of DEET and are having to resort to citronella - which I'm not sure that the local insects have been told is actually a repellant ).

Off we headed to Bromo volcano on the island of Java which was a mere 1 taxi ride, 2 plane rides, an overnighter in a tacky Chinese hotel (Surabaya), 1 local bus and 1 minivan ride away from BL!

And you thought this travelling thing was a holiday...Laugh

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

  • A pretty poor...



    A pretty poor attempt to capture the madness of an Indonesian local bus journey - the guy in white is selling stuff and the guy in red is serenading us - at any one time you can have up to 10 people coming on board trying to sell/beg/busk etc - madness
  • Some of the...



    Some of the old colonial architecture sticking out from behind a typical Indo traffic jam - en route from Surarabaya to see Gunung Bromo from Cemoro Lawang
  • Also on the...



    Also on the road in Java - we liked the movement of the scooter vs the lack thereof of the vendor.