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Thursday 15 Nov
Midleton, Ireland

My Last Blog (unless I think of anything else)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the final addition of my blog. I'm still in Ireland, however have realised that my blogs have tailed off to almost nothing this side of the year. So I thought that I should sum up my year to date and leave something to talk about when I arrive home.

Firstly a quick update of where I've been since the last blog. I think I wrote something about going to France for the Australia vs Fiji match of the Rugby World Cup. That was a great weekend. Slept in Dublin airport for one night, caught an early flight to Marseille, then trained across to Montpellier. We had a little difficulty finding the hotel, but found it with a little help from the nearest hotel we could find. In town there were thousands of Aussies and for the first time in ages we (sorry, I'm talking about Tom from Darwin, doing the GAP year in Kilkenny College and myself) were a small fish in a big pond again. It almost felt weird. So on the night after the match (yes Australia won) we sat down, watched alot of Aussies go by, until we found a couple of people in Irish Jourseys. They took us to an Irish Pub...and yes, it was "great craic". I played rugby with some randoms in a little french side street, before it was time to call it a night. Slept for 3 hours before catching the first train back to Marseille (the 5:16 or some crazy hour like that).

And that was a weekend in France.

Then there was mid-term. Split into 4. Part one was the Friday night/ Saturday morning at the Cork Jazz Festival drinking Guiness. Part two was 24hours in Belfast, where I met a canadian who looked like Weird Al and thought I looked like the guitarist from Jimmy Eat World (a band). Part three was a visit to England for the final (dad's side) of the family run. Granny has a great new toy, named Sky. A 4 wheeler-scooter with a maximum speed of 'hare' and minimum speed of 'tortoise' and was crying out for a Grandson test. And passed. The cousins are also well, with Sam having just passed her driving test 6 days previous and as I jumped in for my first ride: "Stats state that within their first week young drivers are more likely to have a crash, and tomorrow is the week"....Thanks Sam.

Part four was the final (mum's side) of the family run in Dublin. And I finally had the jam with cousin Matthew that has been overdue all year. Great fun.

So midterm had plenty of laughs and good times and also was the 8 week mark.

Since then, I've been working at the College in very fine weather (sunny, but cool).I've been told that I still haven't experienced the real Ireland (I escaped during the Summer, which was one of the worst, apparently...hahaha)

So the review. This year has been great and there have been no regrets either. I have been far and wide and learned so many new things, not to mention met so many great people.

What a great geography lesson I had too. Visiting history itself in Germany and Italy, taking tours 'on set' in Austria and even jumping out of a plane at crazy a height.

Thanks to all every who has read my blog, subscribed to my mailing list and all the mumbo jumbo on other sites. I hope you've enjoyed reading the adventures as much as I've enjoyed sharing them.

Just some food for thought. This week, if the night is clear, you may see Halley's Comet in the Sky. There are about 40 days till Christmas...draw any parallels?

So, until we meet again:

Auf Weidersein
See ya later!


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