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Saturday 28 Apr 2007
Midleton, Ireland

Drought is over

So it was cricket on Thursday and Kerry yesterday, and body is very sore! But, a good sore, and the way to cure!..but...not for I played golf!

Today, Midleton College Golf Society played their annual competition. I was invited by Lenny and Michael provided me with some clubs. Weather was perfect for a perfect day of golf, but I hadn't played for 5 months or so, so no expectations whatsoever. Especially on a course I've never walked, nor clubs I've never swung.

I hit out with Michael and Ray. I didn't even have a hat or cap because I'm a GAPper on low income, saving for the Summer and haven't got round to buying headgear. So Michael gave me his spare golf cap - taditional style - and green for Ireland. But it does have a Kangaroo on it - however still not Aussie - bought in the Lake District, England.

ANYWAY!... First hole off, and Ray holed a monster put in for birdie...then I did - haha, great start. After the first 3 holes I was 1 under the card, and after 5, I was even. This great start was followed by 2 triple bogies just to put me back where I belong.

I managed to string few more pars and bogies together to give me 40 points stableford and in contention for a win, but knew on a day like today, someone would win with a 42 or something.

On the 15th hole (I think), the longest drive competition was played and from where we could see the white marker on the fairway, Ray said honestly "no chance of making that". So I just hit like I would normally, not trying to belt it - probably a good thing, because from we were standing I was well in contention. As we arrived at my ball, it was difficult to decide whether I was ahead or behind the marker. I was just on the fairway as well. The result was i was about 1/2 a yard behind, but it was debatable because of the dog leg fairway and 'should we measure for closest to the pin or parellel to the fairway'. So I was just short, but I felt if we took the birds eye view, I would've bother.

I finsihed the game with 40 points and it turned out I won by a point. This gave me my name on the trophy, a bottle of french wine and a €30 voucher at a sports store.

My golfing drought was broken. In fine style.

Until next blog.

See ya later. Wink

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