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Friday 27 Mar
Amman, Jordan

Time Out no. 3

Amman is not an excellent place to spend a week or so being unwell: it's relatively expensive and there's nothing to see. But you don't plan these things. So I have spent an indeterminate amount of time floating around sleeping all day and spending evenings hanging around with expats in shisha bars, cafes, and disreputable local bars (with red lights and loud arabic music).

I have had various adventures trying to find things to eat which are not bread. I have resorted to corn flakes, chestnuts and (dubiously) baklava. Once in a mall I found a Chinese-themed sushi restaurant and ordered vegetable noodles, savouring the irony of falling back to asian food less than a week after leaving Asia. But the real irony was that the noodles were spaghetti!

One day, just to defy my lack of energy, I got on a bus to Jerash to see some serious roman ruins. I think now I have seen enough ruins to last me until... Rome. But I can't really go anywhere else until I return to having a normal amount of energy. Going south to Petra and Wadi Rum requires all sorts of enthusiasm: climbing things, pretending to be Lawrence of Arabia, and so on. Going west to Jerusalem requires getting my head around the terribly complicated border-crossing situation in this part of the world. I will figure that out later.


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