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Tuesday 26 May
Beirut, Lebanon


Baalbek has the biggest and best-preserved roman temples in the world. It's also the only archaeological site I can think of where buying the souvenir T-shirt is a criminal offence in Australia and various other countries. (It's a Hezbollah T-shirt and the Bekaa Valley is a Shi'a area).

In a random juice bar where we were looking for lunch we encountered our first Australian Lebanese (I could have picked their accent in about two seconds). They also actually looked different from the real Lebanese - this raises some interesting questions about what it means to be a returned emigrant. I will have to get back to this later. These particular people were also very helpful and served us a full lunch from surrounding restaurants, as well as Lebanese fruit cocktails (with nuts, honey, and avocado sauce) which are quite good and apparently the main way of eating fruit in Lebanon.


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