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Monday 19 Mar
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Ooh jolly good a nice cuppa old chap...

Cameron Highlands is a hill station with colonial roots and fresh mountain air. It stands at about 1700m above sea level and has a markedly different feel from the rest of Malaysia. We are staying at Fathers Guest House which is up on a hill above town and is unique in that our bedrooms are in old converted WWII Niessen Bunkers. It used to be a monastry hence the name - Fathers. Now that is something I bet you didn't know.

There is jungle all around us and the developed land is mostly tea, strawberry and flower farms. Sounds pretty idyllic doesn't it? And actually it rather is. Except that it rains here every day at about 1pm, 4pm and during the night. Yep pretty much like clockwork every day of the year! At least it is predictable...

Yesterday we went on a fab tour visiting a massive tea estate (Boh) where we had a tour of the factory and had tea overlooking the plantations. And of course cake! This was after visiting the strawberry farm where we had a fresh strawberry milkshake and also after the honey farm where we... you guessed it! Tasted yummy honey. We also visited an awesome butterfly/insect/snake place where we were overwhelmed by the unbelievable variety of geckos, poisonous snakes and insects on show. You could even handle a live scorpion if you wanted. We bravely declined Wink Also on the tour was a big flower garden, a market and a temple. Phew... but it was lots of fun and we met some other travellers who gave us some good tips for our jungle trek the next day.

Decided to go on the 'don't go unless you have a guide' trek without a guide since we'd got some tips on how to find the route. It turned out one needed a bit more than 'tips' and a map - you kinda needed a guide Cheesy Anyway after numerous dead ends and some bundu bashing through dense jungle we found clues (white dog tied to hut, turn left...) and made it up the mountain and past an Orang Asli village (Malaysian aboriginals). After 5 hours and some lovely refreshing rain we were rewarded with a stop at the Old Smokehouse, a hotel which does traditional cream teas in the gardens of an English hotel. Apparently the guy that built the place used to have a sign outside saying 'no dogs, no Asians'. As you can imagine, the sign has been taken down it being 2007 and all!

Check our our Cameron Highlands PICS here.

Off tomorrow to Georgetown, Penang where we'll stay over the night before our ferry to Indonesia - the first place we're heading is to see the orang utangs in the wild...

Wish you were here Laugh

***As promised about a week ago, we've had our underwater camera snorkelling pics uploaded for the Pulau Perhentian islands...check them out HERE***

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    The WWII Niessen huts built by the British army - ours is the lovely left hand one behind the banana tree
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    A view of the convent that takes centre stage in the Cameron Highlands town of Tanah Rata
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    The classic view of terraced farming - every inch of space is used!
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    Beautiful orchids in one of the nurseries we visited