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Friday 18 Nov
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Beach life.

Life has considerably slowed down since our last update. Following a short stay in the lovely colonial town of Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka), famous for such food delicacies as hot chocolate and crickets, we have spent the past few days relaxing and soaking up the sun on the Pacific Coast in Puerto Escondido.

This is the first time we've really 'stopped' since leaving London, and it's a welcome change. I'm actually finding the time to read and Rob is teaching me to boogie board (like surfing lying down).

This hasn't quite gone according to plan, as being a famous surfing spot the waves aren't exactly gentle. My hopes for being a surfer babe were immediately dashed when I caught a wave far too big for me, far too late. Consequently, I was 'dumped' from a great height and ended up with an injured back.

This isn't all bad as there are advantages to having a strained back, mainly that it gets me out of carrying my rucksack - well for a while longer at least!

One of the highlights of our coastal experience was Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chacahua - a wildlife haven with deserted beaches, interconnected lagoons, mangroves and forest. We stayed in a cabaña on the beach where the lagoon meets the sea, and lazed around in hammocks, it really was too hot to do anything else.

There's a small Afro-Mexican population on the shores of the lagoon, who pretty much live subsistance lifestyles, supplimented by the occasional tourist tour. One of the villager's, Enrike, took us out in his paddle canoe at sunset through all the twists and tunnels of the mangroves which teamed with life. Hundreds of mussels and clams clung to the roots, crabs scuttled over every available space and fish jumped out of the water asking to be eaten. We were out just as all the birds were flying back in and calling to each other. It was beautiful.

Enrike (our guide), seemed to find Rob and myself really amusing. This English couple travelling through Mexico, rich enough not to have to work but who didn't even own their own home. He quipped, "You're rich and own no home, I'm poor but have two and next year I'm building a third," before he set off laughing to himself!

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