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Sunday 10 Jun
Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers, New Zealand

The sky is falling on our heads or is it us falling out the sky?

We awoke to another glorious day at the Fox Glacier so there was no pulling out of the impending 'jumping out the plane' business. I took extra care with my makeup that morning & made sure I was wearing good underwear just in case the coroner would need to examine my body later. You girls will know what I'm on about... Wink

Lucky for us the guys that took us up were SUPER experienced (around 29 years of jumping experience!) so apart from me (the coward) closing my eyes just as we jumped (I think my body's automatic response is 'don't want to know about this & certainly don't want to see it') we both kept our eyes wide open the whole time & both fully frigging LOVED it. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

We had DVDs done so that we could remember the whole thing (as if you could forget!) & Andrew took our camera up & managed to take a pic of his feet with the ground a million miles below. Pretty cool! Check it out along with the other pics here.

I would say if you are going to do it in NZ, do it above Fox Glacier. You get a scenic plane ride that will blow your mind & then you get to jump out the plane which will blow your mind too. 45 seconds freefall at terminal velocity. How to make yourself feel really alive . We felt like rock stars that had just come off performing in front of a stadium crowd for the rest of the day.

Good thing really because ahead of us we had an 11 hour drive to get us to Picton so that we could catch the early ferry across to the North island. No need for Red Bulls after that buzz.

Although we slept like babies that night.Cool

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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