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Saturday 26 May 2007
Wellington, New Zealand

Let's go touring...

Spent a lovely evening eating pizza at Hell (attached to a bar called Syn - my pizza was 'purgatory' - very original & yummy). Then finished it off by watching Pirates 3 & eating lots of popcorn. What a perfect evening.

The next day we played tourists BIG time. We had ourselves booked on the morning Walking Tour, I convinced Andrew this would be a good thing because I had found it very interesting in Bath, England. And it was only 90 minutes... you can see where this is heading.

The first question our delightful guide asked was - any time constraints? Before we could say anything he verbal diarrhoead his way through 2 1/2 hrs of very detailed descriptions of everything we saw. Very interesting, but at the end we were hardly in the mood for our next tour (also my idea Andrew was keen to point out).

Actually that one was great - it was a 'Lord of the Rings' inspired tour with Adventure Safari. Ted, who take the tours, has a brother who works for Weta Workshop so was chock full of inside stories & he even had us posing for silly photos mimicking the scenes from the movies. I hope Andrew puts the one on the web where he has his face in 'poo'. Let me tell you there was a lot of peer pressure & coercion to get Andrew to do that! I nabbed the broken carrot first you see so Andrew had to take the poo... You snooze you lose.

Spent our last evening in Wellington in the style in which we've become accustomed (i.e. slept in the street again) - at least we chose the poshest part of town!


Have added some more pics from our last day in Wellington and no Shanna, the one with the poo is not being uploaded!

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Us loving the island life

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