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Monday 5 May 2014
Nazca, Peru

Nazca lines


We arrived in Nazca in the morning and arranged a flight over the Nazca lines. They amaze me as they are so unexplained. The scientists date them back to 700ad- but still don’t know why or how they are there. The shaman had told us that the images were of the cosmos.

We got into a tiny 8 seat Cessna (including the 2 pilots!). It reminded me of granddad as I know he used to fly Cessna’s in Winnipeg. It was so small the windows by the pilots could open like caravan windows! We flew very low and circled the images- I think the girl sitting behind me was sick because we kept looping around so both sides of the plane could see the pictures. The designs were amazing; a spider, monkey, hummingbird, condor, astronaut, hands, heron, dog, compass. All over the desert was lines- thousands of geometric shapes. Just incredible. Peru is such a sacred magical place.

After our flight we got on transport to Lima- we were very tired so we got to Lima early and got a hostel bed for the night which was much needed.


- The standard tea here is black, with cloves and cinnamon. It’s very subtle but very nice.

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Nazca lines
05 May 14 | Nazca, Peru

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