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Tuesday 25 Feb 2014
Marbella, Spain

Andalucia and Beyond

                         Andalucia and Beyond


“SPAIN,” the very word conjures up a multitude of visions about this diverse, wonderful, country. Vast rolling hills and plains, coastal mediterranean resorts, traditional towns and inland villages are just some of the many aspects of this magical region of Europe.

Included in this feature are extra municipalities close to Antiquera, a town known as Sin Malettas (without suitcases) and ones not mentioned in my last article.  All worthy of a day trip from Antiquera, or on your return to The Costa Blanca.

  JEREZ  is the furthest away, from the  resident town but definitely worth  the journey situated in, possibly, one of the best locations, There are many orange tree, lined boulevards, and many beautiful parks and within walking distance around the city numerous tapas bars and shops.

 The town of Jerez, renowned for producing the drink synonymous to the name, is also famous for the Cicuito Permanente de Velocidad “The Speedway Circuit,” venue for the world Super Bike Championships.

 For equine lovers, it is the centre of the celebrated Royal Equestrian School, venue in 2002 for the World Equestrian games.  “Como Bailen Cabellos Andaluces.”

This ballet is set to music and is performed there. The riders perform in18th century, equestrian costumes and show classical dressage and traditional riding specialities.

  You can also take a tour of stable and tack room. This is climate controlled and houses a palm tree in the centre (hopefully without red palm weevils) monitoring the humidity needed to preserve the flexibility of the valuable leather saddles.

Another tour is at Domecq Bodegas. The history of sherry and brandy originated in these cellars. They were founded in 1730 by Pedro Domecq and for nearly three centuries have opened their doors to let the world see their prestigious and internationally acknowledged products like, Fundador and Carlos 1.

The cellars are full of wall to wall barrels, some fermenting for famous people that have visited the bodegas, with inscribed names from foreign shores, like Caroline Kennedy!.

 Jerez is steeped in history and has an Alcazar built in the 12th century of Almohada origin. It was the residence of the Caliphs from Seville and the seat of the Christian Governors after the fall of the city into the hands of Alonso X.

Modern technology now provides a “camera obscura” which shows a bird’s eye view of the city from its highest point. 

GIBRALTER also close to Antiquera  and if you need an English fix, is on the end of  mainland Spain,controversly belonging to Britain and  celebrating  many years of British rule. Princess Anne, the Princess Royal made an official visit, there a few years ago.  

The town also has popular British brand name shops, the most notable being Marks and Spencer’s.

  A lot of retail therapy is always accomplished on “Main Street,” so called due to its central position.  Although the men don’t ever seem as happy as the women!

 The famous Rock (once called Calpe) is always popular, going to the top to see the famous, tail-less apes.

These Barbary Macaques are the only free living monkeys in Europe today.

Local legend maintains that whilst they are on the rock Gibraltar will never fall into Spanish hands!

St Michaels cave, another phenomenon on the Rock, situated 300 meters above sea level is a large natural grotto where sound and light systems dramatically enhance the caves natural acoustics.  Son et Lumier performances are a regular feature in the cave as well as world famous orchestral concerts. 

 MALAGA on your return too, would be an opportunist spot to visit, with its 16th century Cathedral that houses, in the festive season, the largest nativity scene in Spain. Also the Picasso Museum, the artist was born in Malaga in October 1881.

 A visit to the historical Castillo de Gibralfaro, is worth considering as well, where the views from the top, overlooking Malaga, are breathtaking! 

MARBELLA further along the Spanish coast line is a prestigious city, located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, with its luxury hotels and villas. The Plaza Mayor in the picturesque old town is always enhanced by colourful displays of flowers and the added winter bonus of surrounding trees, hanging with oranges.

Also the Marina of the world famous Puerto Banus where all the jet setters mingle with everyday tourists, to view the luxury yachts of actors, artists and millionaires.

 Or sample expensive coffee and dreams!

NERJA, close by, is the coastal resort where the prominent Balcon de Europe, encourages many tourists to view the spectacular 13 kilometres of coastline.Nerja has become one of the most improved tourist spots on the Costa del Sol.

 First recognised 20 years ago with the television series “Verano Azul” and currently on all holiday schedules, when visiting this coast. 

MOJACAR   a town to stopover, if you require an extra night on .your travel schedule.

It is a modern tourist destination that hasn’t lost its identity and is still bordered by dessert.  The surrounding countryside is where some of the Hollywood Westerns were filmed and an interesting fact, circulating the town, is Walt Disney was “illegitimately” born there.His mother, allegedly,  “whisked him” on a  steamer, from Valencia, at two years old, to Chicago ,where her brother lived and had him adopted by  Ellias and  Flora Disney. Walt Disney’s real name being Jose Guirao. The house where he was supposedly born is now a “Pension,” but the truth of his birth is confirmed in Mojacar and denied venehemently in California.Mojacar is well sought after, by artists, due to the incredible light, enhanced by the mountain backdrop and the intensity of the blue sky and sea.

It is also famous for the Indalo man, found in ancient times on the white washed walls of the houses, as a symbol of good luck and protection.  It is now portrayed and sold as a souvenir, for fortune and luck, to visitors from all over the world. 

To visit these towns, full of history and good accommodation, can be organised and booked with any local travel agent. 

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