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Sunday 20 Jan 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Lots of Gold ... and tourists ruin everything

Our flight landed at 5:45 am and we got through customs quickly (without the customs official speaking one word to either of us). We then took a taxi to our hotel. When we got there we were told our room was not ready (which makes sense because we arrived 6 hours before check-in). Leaving our bags behind, we headed out to be tourists. 


For those of you who don't know, I'm great with directions. Unless I'm in a city. Then I'm horrible. Bangkok is a city. I Harold Richard where we were heading (the Grand Palace) and he took it from there. As we wandered, we came across for park with a fort and people praying and people doing tai chi near the water. 


We eventually got to the palace, just as it was opening at 8:30 am. Apparently my knee length skirt was ok but Richard's knee length shorts were inappropriate. They gave Richard pants to wear and we were you our way. 


First, a word about the Grand Palace. It's not just a palace but also a compound with a wat (temple ... If you plan on reading this blog, I would recommend thou memorizing that word. We're going to lots of them and I'm not defining it every time). The wat is insane. Like more gold than I've ever seen at one time insane. I've seen some amazing details in gold in China but this blew those away. 


The way also houses the emerald Buddha (who is really made of jade). Basically, there is about 50 feet if gold with a small Buddha statue whose outfit changes depending on the season. It's the cold season right now (at a breezy 32• c) so he was wearing a gold scarf. Anyway, after marvelling at the wat a little longer, we wandered though an area filled with street venders selling everything from religious amulets to dentures and then we decided we were hungry and wandered to find food.

It was a weird hour (10:30) so our food search didn't go well. We ended up wandering to kho San road - the main backpacker drag. It was sad. There was bland pad thai (which we ate) for tourists who can't handle spice, tattoo parlours, people selling crap and not one non-white person who wasn't selling something sub-par. Basically, this street has been moulded to create what the most shallow of shallow backpackers want. It's sad. 


Afterward we headed back to the hotel to nap. Our room was ready so Richard set his alarm for 3:30 to give us plenty of time to sleep and beat the midday heat while giving us a enough time to wander. Unfortunately, his alarm didn't go off. We woke up at 5:30. 

We decided to head over to Chinatown for dinner. We asked how to get there and decided to take the bus. We got off the bus in Chinatown just in time to see all of the booths closing up for the evening. Dejected, we decided to find the bus to go back to the hotel so that we would eat there. We wandered down a street, turned a corner and then saw throngs of people eating. Jackpot. We then saw a booth covered in fresh meats and produce (the fishes eyes were still shiny - a very good sign) surrounded by tables and chairs with a man cooking in a wok with giant flames coming out of it. We sat and ate - shrimp in a hot pepper saucfeistier fried morning glories (anazing), rice and a 630 ml beer each. All of that came up to a little over 5 dollars. We were happy. We then wandered some more, hopped back on the bus and came back to the hotel. Richard's already asleep (which is a good thing because he was getting grumpy). I'll probably read a bit then go to bed too. Goodnight!

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