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Monday 21 Jan
Bangkok, Thailand

New theme for this blog kill time until the next meal

So after waking up a good 5 times during the night (mostly because my body was wondering why I was still asleep at 1:30, 3:30, 4:00, 4:45 etc in the afternoon) I finally got up at about 7:40. Not bad for first night in a totally flipped timezone.


We got up and decided to go to Jim Thompson House, which is across town. Having taken the city bus with success yesterday, we decided to take the bus today. Unfortunately, we were not nearly as successful today. We wandered around quite a bit to find the bus stop and I officially learned to say the words bus and 15 in Thai. Eventually, after asking enough people, we found our way to the bus stop and got on. We got to Jim Thompson House exactly when I wanted to - at 10 am - so that we could walk around for about 2 hours before going to a mall food court that was supposed to be phenomenal. 


So Jim Thompason was an American who came to Thailand, discovered that there was gorgeous silk and began selling it around the world. At one point (in the 1950s) he decided to build horses in Bangkok to house himself, his art collection, etc. he took 6 separate Thai houses, flipped them inside out, attached them together and shipped in Italian marble and Belgian crystal chandeliers to decorate the place. In other words, it's nice. 


When we were done, we wandered over to the shopping mall with the food court. It was richard's first experience in the sensory overload that is an Asian shopping mall. I want to see his reaction to a weekly market. 


We headed upstairs and took in the wonderful happy place that was the food court. After considering all the options (there were about 40 restaurants each with a different specialty) Richard got something called dragon soup which contained some sort of mystery meat (dragon?) and I went to a vegetarian booth where I enjoyed just being able to point at things and not worry about what's in it (I got rice with a tof eu and mushroom stew like thing with glass noodles and vegetables). We thefollowed it up with  more food - Richard got a bahn mi sandwich and I got a papaya salad with preserved crab (come on, you knew I could only play it safe for so long). We got a drink each and stopped eating - but not because we wanted to. All in all, our lunches cost a total of $10 for both of us. 


We then headed back to the hotel (where we are now) to pick up our bags and head to the train station four our overnight train.

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Some stupid Thailand pun

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