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Wednesday 3 Jan
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Another day in paradise...

There are so many great things to say about our house that it is hard to know where to start. Cool

First things first is that it is lovely and private as we are cut off from other beaches by a high tide that lasts til about 4pm - this means we see only a handful of people during the day who have braved wading through the water to get further up the coast. Secondly - it is stunning. Think sand, palm trees, right on the beach, hammocks, big bedrooms, massive kitchen etc. Thirdly - it is on the sunset side and the one we saw last night just took our breath away. Awesome - we will upload pics of all this soon.

Since we are right at the end of the jungle that leads to the beach (down 200 muscle wrenching stairs) we are surrounded by wildlife including Mad Monkey who wakes us up, Jonathan the Seagull, Brad the Bird and various other as yet un-named creatures that scratch and squack all day and night. Inside visitors include Rex the insane distant cousin of Tyrranasaurus Rex who lives in our kitchen (and who when I first saw him said to Andrew, 'look at that thing - I thought it was real at first'. And then it moved!) You should have seen the skrik/shock we got. Now we greet each other on first name terms every morning. Or at least we do!

And then Coco our puppy who arrived yesterday and we immediately fell in love. Unfortunately we had to go into town in the afternoon and when we hailed a long tail boat she even jumped off a rock into the sea to try and get to us. My heart... arme ding. She was so cute. We even went and bought dog food in town but alas she was gone when we came back. I'm holding thumbs that she returns although it will mean a crises come month end when we have to leave. I have suggested to Andrew that we could just stay here forever. If you were here you would see why my suggestion is not that crazy!

We had a great NY's eve with thousands of others on Had Rin - massive sound systems, huge crowds, loads of madness but we really enjoyed ourselves (thank God it must be a sign that we are not getting too old yet!) and we tumbled into bed at 5am.

To wake up - to another day in paradise. Wink

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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