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Thursday 11 Jan 2007
Koh Phangan, Thailand

And yet... another day in paradise

***Link to Koh Phangan Photos***

We've had a few days of monsoon type rain and we have been holed up in the house watching DVDs, eating and reading. Can't complain. Today is sunny but we are in town again stocking up on supplies and in the internet cafe as I got a text from my mother asking for more contact! Only been 2 days. Someone is getting spoilt methinks. Time to wean...

Updates on adventures and wildlife. Yesterday we actually had a bat - yes a BAT fly into our bedroom. Thoughts of spending the next month getting rabies shots instead of lying about flashed through my mind and I was locked in the bathroom before Andrew had even registered the intrusion. Luckily it decided it didn't like us much either and departed as swiftly as he had arrived.

Because of the rain we have had dodgy electricity supply and have spent some lovely candlelit time sipping wine and listening to the rain pound on the roof. Unfortunately the rain brings the mossies and I can't even count the number of times we have both been bitten. Today one even had the audacity to bite me on the cheek! The only place I had not sprayed. It will not happen again!

Much excitement yesterday when about 7 or 8 Thai people trooped onto our beach. We haven't seen anyone for days so we were intrigued and went down for a chat. They were the Search and Rescue team and apparently there was a dead body in the water and they expected it to come our way. Can you believe it? I was totally psyched up to see my first real dead body... but unfortunately it never showed up. Looking out for Coco (still hasn't come back) has now been replaced by looking for dead bodies in the sea!

Anyway better shoot - need to get back home in time for our awesome sunsets (check out the pics).

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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