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Monday 22 Jan
Koh Phangan, Thailand


Found 'dead man', know it is a bit morbid but got a couple of shots check out pics


As if... I think it was a case of 'lost in action'. Sorry just couldn't resist the set up.

Had our biggest party ever a few days ago and our heads are still spinning. Suffice to say it was a 'magic' night. Say no more.

Otherwise life continues, about the most exciting thing that happened today is that 2 ugly naked men parked off in the sun on our beach. Actually only one was naked, but the other one sported a flourescent pink pouch which was worse. I decided to retire to the safety of my hammock...

Wanted to say congrats here to 3 very special couples - Nath and Sel for the birth of little Sasha a few days ago and to Dean & Nadine and Andy & Jenny on their engagements. Our old house 'Club 44' is growing up fast!

Life is moving on for us too - we are booking our tickets to Hanoi for the 3rd Feb. I think Andrew is going to have to physically remove me from our house in floods of dramatic tears...

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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    Koh Phangan


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    Koh Phangan


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