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Wednesday 29 Nov 2006
Koh Samui, Thailand

Can you feel the heat!?!!

We are sitting in our open-air lobby as we type this message. Our hotel/resort is amazing!

Let us first catch you all up since the last entry...

After taking some cultural tours of Bangkok, we decided that we were ready to get down and dirty. The boys (minus Dail's dad, Haywood, and Chuck) enjoyed a night at the Thai Kickboxing Stadium where they watch several rounds of fights with guys ranging from age 12-30 and weight ranges from 100-150 ridiculously skinny pounds! The women (along with our two male companions) went SHOPPING! We have to say, Haywood outshopped everyone!

This particular night was also the one when Dail and Brice both lost their cameras at the freaking Burger King. Serves them right for going to a burger joint when they could have had delicious Thai cuisine!

The bad news is we now have no photos of the huge yard beer contraption nor of the kickboxing.

We are now in Koh Samuii and the weather is sunny, hot, and drippingly humid. We rode elephants, saw a crocodile show and watched a monkey climb a coconut tree in what was titled "The Monkey Show". What really happened is we spent 30 minutes watching a young Thai girl try to coax 6 crocs to do something entertaining all by herself while her coworkers looked on in amusement. It was not amusing to us because we were all about to crap ourselves waiting for one of the crocs to snap and attack and noone was near to help her! Then we watched a couple of baby elephants do a few tricks before being lead to a monkey tied to a tree. We watched him pick a couple of coconuts and that was the end of the Monkey Show.

We then drove to a beach to experience the sheer bliss of watching waves crash onto a rock formation that looked like a penis and a crevice next to it that looked disgustingly like a vagina!

And finally we spent all day today on a huge yacht that we chartered and went cayaking and swiming off a small island near our resort.

The views are amazing, the food is good, and the drinks are strong and flowing. Wish you were here!

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