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Saturday 21 Aug
San Francisco, USA

Day 17: Saturday (again!!) – arrive in San Francisco


Today we arrived in San Francisco before we left Sydney! We landed smoothly and then went to queue up for immigration. We queued up for ages before we went through. We had to get our fingerprints and photo taken. It was all very complicated. After we had all passed through, we gathered our bags and left the airport. Our guide for the next week, Gussy, picked us up and we got into vans to our hotel. We finally arrived at our hotel, which was in the middle of downtown San Francisco. It was 11 o'clock by this time, still before we had even left Sydney the same day! Our rooms were not ready yet so we were unable to check in. Therefore, we left our bags in a spare room. We were all really hungry, so we went for an early lunch in Subway across the road. After lunch, we walked around the surrounding area which was not like the touristy San Francisco in the postcards. We walked back to our hotel where Gussy picked us up in her van which we would be using for the next week. She proceeded to give us a tour of San Francisco which was really interesting. We drove through and learnt about the history of China town and Japan town. We also saw the famous crooked road and the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over the bridge and the views we saw were amazing. When we got to the other side, we got out of the car and took pictures. We drove back over the bridge and proceeded to go to Fishermans Wharf by the harbour. We got out of the van and went souvenir shopping.


We met up again at pier 39 and walked down it. When we got to the end, we saw dozens of sealions and took some more pictures. We walked back up and went to the Hard Rock Cafe for yet more souvenirs. We then went to a restaurant for dinner. Seeing as San Francisco is famous for its seafood, we went to a seafood restaurant. Most of us tried the famous Clam Chowder and the sourdough bread of San Francisco which we really enjoyed. We were delayed returning to our hotel by a nosebleed! There were so many people coming to give advice on how to deal with it - it was quite funny! After it was over, we walked to the cable car station. It was very busy and there was a long queue. It took us a while to get through it, but we finally got on. It was very full but it was really good seeing as they are very famous! We spent a while on them before we got to our hotel again. We got off, not before a picture on it, and walked the short distance to our hotel. We were all very tired as our body clocks were in a muddle! We finally went to our bedrooms, ready for some well deserved sleep!



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Nana Tord Says:

28 August

I wonder, am I closely related to the nose bleeder by any chance? I wouldn't be surprised. Just an excuse to leave part of herself on American soil!!

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