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Sunday 22 Aug 2010
San Francisco, USA

Day 18: San Francisco with a Girl Scout leader

We woke up to an early start of quarter to seven to have breakfast at 7.30 to have breakfast at the local diner; some had pancakes while others had an all American continental breakfast. We then made our way back to the hotel to be ready for our Guide for the day Trina, a Girl Scout leader. She arrived with her van and took us across the golden gate bridge to Muir Wood forest.


The forest was the home of the Californian Redwoods, which are known to be one of the tallest living things with some found at the height of 252 feet. After a short walk and a guided "made up" tour by EOK we headed back to via the gift shop! On the way to the next stop Trina gave us a badge of her local troop before dropping us at the end of the golden bridge and telling us she would meet us at the other side. TC found this challenging to even contemplate starting this adventure, let alone believing she would be able to look over the side and walk the second part unaided. When we met up with Trina at the other side (after looking in the gift shop, of course!) we were each given a Girl Scout Bridging badge, pin and wrist band for our accomplishment.


We then went on a drive to the local supermarket where we were all amazed how much meat they give you in a sandwich at the deli counter, we then made our way to a local park for our picnic where we heard funny announcements over the tannoy instructing us that there was no emergency - which we all found very amusing. We were sat in the middle of a Frisbee Golf course - which we thought was a made-up Wii game, but it actually exists!!


After lunch, we left the golf Frisbee area that we were eating in and made our way to the Berkeley marina, where we met the crew for Pegasus. After getting into height order and receiving a harness and a life jacket we were given a safety talk. We were then allowed to get on the boat and be attached to the safety wire so no one would fall in! We rotated around the boat so we all had a turn standing at the front of boat and EOK & SJ even had a chance of steering the boat. On our travels of the 51 foot wooden sail boat we saw amazing views and a 300 million dollar Russian motor yacht which looked like something out of James Bond and we where even privileged to sail under the golden gate bridge - the same day we walked over it.


On the way back to the docks we had a picnic with the crew and finished the journey with a good old sing song. The crewed seemed very honoured with how we shared our adventure with them and we also felt the same was about the crew sharing the evening and their amazing boat with us.

Thanks to Trina for giving up a very long day to give us some very special memories of San Francisco.

TLC & CRG    



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