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Sunday 8 Jul 2007
London, United Kingdom

We have arrrived finally !

Well, we made it, a little later than planned. As fate would have it, due to the current situation in the UK, Heathrow had a complete shutdown and evacuation just when we arrived. They didn't actually evacuate us out of the airport but they backed us up into a holding area and we had to wait there for about 2 hours prior to letting us out !! They certainly did not give us any information about what was going on until they actually came over the speakers and said "Thank you for your patience"!!! Anyway, once we were allowed "OUT", I decided to take the UK passport immigration area with my UK passport even though Sarah only has a Canadian one but it was a little faster than the thousands going through the non UK line. We took the train to Ursula and Phil's and experienced the very International feel of London as we rode on the train with every nationality under the sun. And yes, it was sunny in London. They have actually had some very poor weather recently but we seem to have arrived as the weather is getting better. Interestingly, Ursula had phoned the airport to see what had happened and they did not say there had been a shutdown so we was starting to get a little concerned. There were no phones in the holding area so little I could do. I guess I could have borrowed on since everyone seemed to have Blackberry's or something similar.
The flight itself was relatively uneventful. Upon arriving at the Calgary airport, we went to Montana's for a meal, which took forever, and then walked around YYC for a bit. We loaded the plane and took off on time. Sarah managed to sleep for about hours and I watched "Wild Hogs" which was entertaining. I then proceeded to watch "Time Machine" after that so I think I averaged about 1 hour of sleep. And it is always SO COMFORTABLE sitting up and sleeping on a plane !!
Well, arrived on time at Heathrow and the was held up at the airport. Took the train on the Piccadilly line to South Kensington where Ursula met us off the train. She was actually waiting on the platform which was great because then she led us through to the top. The station was very busy as it was Saturday but what a great location.
We cleaned up with a shower had a quick bite to eat and then headed out. We went to Convent Garden (where the market use to be) and saw how they have renovated the buidings and there are a host of restuarants, pubs and shops. The area is busy busy busy as it is tourist season, Saturday evening and typical London on a Saturday night. We managed to find a lovely Italian restaurant for a meal. We showed Sarah Piccadilly Circus and the West end where all the live shows and movie premieres take place (Leicester Square). It was train back to South Kensington and then a gelato to finish off our evening, yummy. It is one of the "in" gelato places to go and Ursula immediately broke into Italian as she met the shopkeeper serving us.
Sarah and I managed to make it through until almost midnight by the time we crashed into bed !! So my day ending up being about how many hours ?!?!?!
I am now up and ready to go albeit it is now almost 12Noon on Sunday but that's ok !!
We are off today to some adventure that I will fill you in on tomorrow. Ursula is a great adventurer so I know it will be fun

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