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Monday 9 Jul 2007
London, United Kingdom

Walked the low tide

We started late yesterday as I did not get up until 10:00 and Sarah did not even think of getting up until 12:00. That's ok as it gave me a few hours to type and have a couple of cappucino's with Ursula. We left for a really neat walk up the low tide area of a very large creek called Deptford Creek that feeds into the Thames. The area was at one point very run down as were all areas on any rivers or creeks close to and at the Thames. When they started to revamp these areas this particular creek was cleaned up as well. This was sort of a nature / history walk and really interesting. We had to put on waders and walk up the creek (with no paddle but a walking stick!!) Afterwards, Sarah went to play in a park for a while then we ended up walking into a place called Laban, a well known dance school, that was actually having a performance that evening outdoors. As it was going to be an acrobatic performance as we saw the ladies practicing, we decided to have some supper and come back. We were very close to Greenwich so walked back into the town and had some lovely fish and chips !! It was quite neat to see this area as there were lots of people wandering around looking at some displays and such that had been set up in regards to the Tour de France. This is the first year that it left from the UK !! It actually went through the area on Sunday I believe so there were still barriers up where the bikes were. They had a big screen set up so you could actually watch it ! We were on the other side of the Thames so had a great view across to Canary wharf which was also revitalized. We went back to the performance, grabbed a glass of red wine and sat on grass bleachers (so to speak) to watch the show. These ladies were amazing, Cirque de Soleil has nothing on them !! And we had front row seats. So we then wandered back to Greenwich and took a walking tunnel underneath the Thames to the other side where we caught a train. Got out close at Bank station and took a double decker bus to St. Paul's Cathedral. Even though it was now getting dark, what a great time to be there with NO TOURISTS. The light on the church were beautfiul. We took another bus further on towards Waterloo station crossing a bridge that gave us beautiful views of sights along the Thames all lit up. We walked a little bit from there and managed to see the millenium ferris wheel all lit up. Sarah REALLY wants to go on that so on the return trip. We got back to South Kensington and back for another gelato !! Pistachio and a Passion Fruit sherbet style for me !! Off to Rome today as long as Alitalia isn't out of business by then ! I guess they are in financial troubles and have been for years ! Cross your fingers. Next message will be from the ship

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