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Sunday 22 Jun
London, United Kingdom


10 hours on a megabus and we arrived in London at 7am. It was nice because we didn't miss a day, but we also didn't sleep the greatest. We got checked into our hostel and we're delighted to have two Americans in our room. Both guys just graduated from USC and are taking the summer to travel. 

Kayla and I saw a lot of great places today.  Buckingham Palace(the queen was home), Big Ben, Benjamin Franklin's house, and Westminster Abbey.  I'm not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow but Kayla has it all planned out. 

I didnt realize how how big London really was.  We saw just a fraction of the city today and it took all day. It is also very culturally diverse. That might be just because it is a tourist hot spot, but there is for sure a large Arabic Population here. We are actually staying in the Arabic side of town, but it's quite pleasant. 

We are about to go get dinner. we wanted to let everyone know we made it to London and have had a great time so far. 

More to come soon

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Kathleen Says:

23 June

Never have been to Europe, what American city would you compare London to? You said that it was "culturally diverse" so I was just curious?! Have fun, stay safe!

kbachek Replies:

26 June

Kathy, I've never been to New York City but my guess would be that this is the closest City we have in America to London.

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