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Friday 18 Jul
London, United Kingdom

Summer Sun in London

Greetings from South Kensington, London! We had an uneventful flight, despite the thunderstorms that delayed us for a bit.  The plane wasn't even full in our "premium economy" section, which made the trip more comfortable.  We were lucky enough to get through customs, onto the Tube, and directly to the apartments by 8:30 am, and after staggering sleepily through breakfast, we were able to get into our place and nap a bit.  Perfect location, 3 minute walk to tube stop, 5 minutes from Victoria & Albert, and probably 15 min from Harrod's.

We didn't do much on Wed. in our jet-lagged condition, but we did pop into V &A museum after lunch -- free, so no pressure to get our money's worth!  Then another nap, a quick dinner at a nearby Thai place, and an early evening after watching a typically bizarre TV show called "Britain's Worst Drivers."

We slept, on and off, from 10pm to 10 am, so were more refreshed, if still confused about the time, on Thursday.  We had stocked up on breakfast supplies at the local Waitrose on Wed., as our flat (basically a studio) has a full kitchenette with fridge, etc. so that saves so much aggravation in the morning.  Then we headed out to Sutton to spend the afternoon with Aunt Joan, who will be 90 in October and is recovering from a broken wrist.  We had lunch with her and spent the afternoon looking at old family photos and catching up.  Then back for dinner at an Indian restaurant called Moti Mahal that claims to be the oldest one in London.  It was fine but its main attraction was that it's 5 min from our flat. 

I have not yet mentioned that London is of course having a massive heat wave, with temps heading into high 80s today.  We are in an apt with AC, so that's good.  

Today Richard is going to watch some cricket, and I'm heading off to do something else, inside, where it's cool!


3 Comments for this Travel blog entry

Peter Says:

18 July

Sounds like a good start. I remember headlines freaking out over temperatures hitting 23 (75ish) so 80s must be driving people nuts. Make sure Dad brought sunscreen to cricket...

cltot Replies:

18 July

88 degrees at 2:30 pm today. Who knew that the British Museum would not be air conditioned? Quite a sweaty mob scene staring at the mummies.

Diane Says:

18 July

Time for a gelato stop :)


cltot Replies:

21 July

Eventually, when we're in that neighborhood...

Richard Says:

18 July

Cricket was fine. Although high 80's, I was in upper grandstand, completely covered by canvas top. No direct sun and some breeze. Favorite drink of others at cricket: champagne. One incident of sprayed champagne!

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