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Thursday 21 Jun 2007
Pilton Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Making love to a kitchen appliance

As always Glastonbury blew our minds. Yes, it rained. Yes, it was muddy. But by God it was FUN !!!

We went up bright & early on the Thursday morning expecting to have loads of space to set up camp in our usual spot on Hitchens Hill. Alas, 50% of the 170 000 people had decided to turn up before us so we literally had to squeeze our 3 tents into the best spot we could find. Put it this way, if our tents had been 'in the mood' they were close enough for some 'funny business' Wink.

Luckily things were getting a tad primal so the organisers took down the perimeter fence allowing us a little more breathing space. Andrew was of course thrilled to have to move the tents AGAIN in the rain. He, of course did it with good grace (not) and a jolly grin (not). He...he...this was indeed easier for me as I was ensconced in our warm tent reading. Being delicate.

The first afternoon was spent chilling, drinking & catching up with Sue & Paul who have been avid readers of our blog since its inception. Finally you guys have appeared in 'person'.

Hilly, Carly, Kim and Earps arrived to the 5 * service of having their tents set up. This went down very well particularly because they had arrived in a downpour. The fact that this was Kim's FIRST TIME EVER in a tent was the source of much amusement over the weekend.

We saw an astonishing range of performances including dance, caberet, circus, comedy, DJs, bands, burlesque, short films, freak shows, workshops, artworks, happenings and all manner of tomfoolery. Bands included The Who, The Killers (too soft), fruity Bjork, Joss Stone (brilliant), KT Tunstall (wonderful), Martha Wainright (awesome), Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse (drunk), Paulo Nutini etc.

I must dedicate this entire paragraph to the food. Mmmm veggie heaven. You can just imagine!!! Burgers to die for, soups from a different planet, falafel from the source of life & pie straight from God. And booze of course - worth a particular mention was the pear cider. Yummy.

Decided to try the herbal pill stand. Hadn't learnt our lesson in NZ. Again pretty surprised by what is legal these days. I'm not sure if Lost Vagueness was really as strange as we imagined it to be but we all found it pretty surreal to be watching dancers with lips for heads, a woman singing about making love to a kitchen appliance and a freak show that freaked us all out by showing absolutely nothing. Surreal. Must have been those tricksy pills!!!

The mud. If you have ever been to Glastonbury you would know there are several types. The 'sloshy easy walking mud' (intially the 'oh my God it is sooo deep mud'), the 'hardened sun baked mud' (not common this year) & our personal favourite the 'welly eating wondermud'. All good fun.

Everyone had an awesome time and even Kim survived intact. No-one fell the whole weekend until the 11'th hour when both Hilly & Carly had spectacular wipe outs. Was amusing for the rest of us.

Click here for the full unexpurgated photographic evidence.

Back to 'real life' now with me prepping for an interview & Andrew/Jamie being fools getting very little of any worth done every day. But having fun doing it. Oh the life of a househusband. Laugh

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