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Thursday 10 Jul 2014
Canaima, Venezuela

day 95

After breakfast it was time for our trip deep into the forest to Angel falls where we would camp out for the night. This involved a walk to the top of the falls we had visited the day before and then a 30 min canoe ride up the river. We then hit some rapids so had to get out for a 30 min trek before it was back into the canoe for a further 4 hour journey up river. Unfortunately the heavens opened and we were hit with torrential rain for the whole 4 hours. However, this didn't distract is from the magnificant scenery.  Giant rock formations with shear drops of up to 1500m towered above the forest like enormous guardians, some had between 10-20 waterfalls of different sizes bleeding from the rocks like wounds obtained in battles to defend the area. At every corner you gasped,  going through my mind was the fact that in the sales putch these were not even mentioned so the Angel falls most be out of this world. Finally our canoe of drowned rats slowed down to go around a corner to be hit with the vision of Angel falls towering above us, rising 983m, the powerful surge creating it's own mist cloud. It was mesmorising. We depart from the canoe and headed to our camp, where we had s great view and were able to take photos.  Not the best as it was still cloudy from the rain and this covered the middle part of the falls. After dinner and a few games of shithead we retired to our hamocks to be rocked to sleep by the lulabye of the falls and the sounds from the jungle.

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