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Thursday 7 Aug
Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

On the road again


Up at the crack of dawn- all a bit groggy from sleeping outside in the damp (again). Then back in our canoe up the river to catch our flight. The mountains were ringed with cloud which was beautiful. We got on our little plane and back to Ciudad Bolivar for lunch at our little old man café then sitting in the hostel until time to get our night bus up to Caracas.


When it was time to get our bus we headed out onto the main road to grab a taxi. Then 2 men who were standing having a beer to watch some live music took it upon themselves to help us flag one down and get a good price. The taxi we got was an old American car- like something from a 50’s American movie. Inside we both sat up front and it creaked slowly through the streets like a ghost ship. When we arrived at the bus terminal he didn’t have change for 100 so ended up asking us to give him what we had- and so took 20 less than the quote (which was very cheap). He was lovely. So we waited at the bus station- constantly scanning for our bus company as the platforms didn’t have numbers- then onto the night bus.


After we had been asleep for a while the police came on to ID everyone. Although in the haze of sleep R was giving him our bus ticket to check! So he got us to come off the bus and stand by the roadside. It was a bit disconcerting as he had a rifle on and it was only us and one other man out of the whole double-decker to be asked off. They took R into their little police shed thing and got him to empty his pockets- they rifled through his wallet and moneybelt (where we had a big wodge of cash!). Then around the corner they got R to take his trousers down and turn around in his pants (we have since found out this was checking for drugs). Finally we got back on the bus and continued our journey. To be honest we also were impressed they didn’t steal any money- it was all pretty professional.


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