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Sunday 12 Apr
Boun Mah Thout, Vietnam

Boun Mah Thout or someplace past.. a bloody long way for my sore arse

Hi groovy readers

Today my group became one. Left Helen in Nha Trang, Laurence just arriving there, and me off on the back of Mr Tams huge 110cc Win motorcycle, made in Indonesia. Mr Tam and his Bag, me and my backpack and day pack ...about 200kg all up. Hmmm I  thought, this could be slow.

Mr Tam met me at my hotel promptly at 8, as I was just finishing my breakfast. I think I had started some incident, because shortly before he arrived I was eating at the cafe next door, they asked if I wanted to book and easyrider tour...I said I was leaving on one in 5 mins. Not backward in coming forward these cafe owner/tour touts asked( read into the ask some degree of demand) who I was going with. I told them and straight away they asked how much he charged. I always answer this last question with some absurdly lower amount. This resulted in some hasty chatter between Mrs Cafe and Mr Cafe owner. Just then Mr Tam turns up.  I greet him and he is greeted by a barrage of vietnamese fro mr and mrs. anyway after a bit of to and frowing smiles break out and they sit down to tea. Then Mrs came back and asked what I had told her it was costing. I knew that she now knew the right price, so I looked her in the eye and said I had told her $65.  She shook her hand and asked why I had told her a different price, I explained that when she demands things rudely, she may not get an honest answer, and that my price with Mr Tam was not her business.

Anyway Brekky sorted , Bags strapped on and I was off, weaving through the morning traffic up along the coast to Hwy One, some 18 klms away. What a lovely morning it was as we headed nth looking out at a lovely coastline. The lil bike scootered along at a nice 60-70 klms and hour and all was good with the world. The whole point of this tour is you stop whenever something takes your interest , or, when Mr tam thinks something should take your interest. We stopped at a fishing village just before we left the coast and it was a hive of industey with ice choppers going, fish being sorted and iced down, boats unloading. The whole process might not pass health regs anywhere but here but there was  tonnes of fresh seafood around.

Next stop was a brick making place. A small family run backyard business, the whole village seemed to specialize in home brick making. A little petrol driven mould/extruder and cut dried and kilned by hand.

Next was a nice morning tea of vietnamese coffee followed by iced green tea. Off again to start the climb into the highlands. we stopped at a place called eagle pass, that had been bombed and agent oranged during the war, as it was a supply route for VC. They have just started growing renewable timber trees in the last 10 years all over the hills, before this it apparently was bare for years. During the day we stopped at wood carvers, coffee plantations, mushroom farms, rubber plantations, if it grew or breathed we stopped. All the way to Boun Mah Thout. Then out to a national park and small waterfalls place that had cabins to stay in. Very modest, the water starts off in the morning black , so be warned if you stay there and take an early shower...let it run 1st. All in all a wonderful 1st day, and Mr Tam and I were getting along famously. We ate well all day, we had a great dinner and I learnt to cheer in vietnamese .  Mo Hai Ba Yo!  1 2 3 cheers


so MO HAI BA YO! you lot

Till next time, I really got to pad my butt before tomorrow


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